Day 350: Poop Update 10!

15) The Train

  • You’re at a crossroads. Your destination lies beyond, but your path is blocked. Before you, an unrelenting series of obstacles passes, one after the next after the next. All the plans you’ve made, the promises you swore to yourself you’d keep…all lost. You peer from side to side, looking for the moment when, at last, the train will end, but it just keeps going. “Surely, this will be the last one,” you tell yourself, struggling to remain optimistic while knowing there is more — so much more — where this one came from. What did this kid eat? What could’ve caused all of these poos? How many diapers are we going through today? Perhaps one day we’ll look back on this and recognize that, in a cosmic sense at least, it really didn’t take so much time for the Train to pass. But in the moment, it feels endless.

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