Year 3, Day 167: Poop Update 13!

As Miles has gotten older (and as evidenced in the previous installment of this ongoing catalogue), he's getting pretty good at naming the various styles of poop he's contending with. This one showed up last night.18) Monkey Poop I'm not sure why we're going with "monkey," but Miles seems pretty confident about it. Brought on … Continue reading Year 3, Day 167: Poop Update 13!

Year 2, Day 186: Poop Update 11!

16) The Corn Dodger We all know what happens to corn in the digestive system. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This poo is here to remind you of this. An otherwise unremarkable misshapen, half-dollar-sized ball of waste, the Corn Dodger still manages to be slightly nauseating due to the pronounced flecks of yellow housed within its brown depths, … Continue reading Year 2, Day 186: Poop Update 11!

Day 203: Poop Update 6!

12) "Code Red" Named for the verbal call that accompanies it, this poo requires a rapid response involving at least four (adult) hands, one load of laundry, and perhaps a team of professional cleaners. Tragedy can strike quickly, without warning. What one moment was a perfectly clean baby, onesie, pillow, and couch is suddenly rendered … Continue reading Day 203: Poop Update 6!