Year 5, Day 295: Baby’s First School Performance!

Miles’s German school put on their holiday program this morning, and Miles’s group, being the youngest, was up first. All they had to do was dance ever so slightly, in time with the song, while waving a paper snowflake around.

Seriously, that was all they had to do.

After retrieving our child, we returned to our seats to watch the rest of the show. Feeling a performance high, Miles was a little less than willing to quietly remain in his seat. The next group, acting out a brief skit about Santa losing his hat, took the stage, and something immediately came to Miles’s attention.

“Hey,” he said, a look of consternation on his face. “That isn’t Santa. It’s just a kid with a beard on.”

“Miles, he’s just pretending,” I said. “You need to be quiet while they’re performing.”

Miles, however, wasn’t having it. “He’s a fake,” he said, quietly at first but quickly escalating to, “HEY EVERYBODY! HE’S A FAKE!”

We ended up having to remove Miles from the room before he killed the magic for everyone, and lucking the *real* St. Nikolas was close at hand to set the record straight.

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