Year 3, Day 305: Christmas 2020 in Review

For a holiday spent in isolation, Miles's third Christmas managed to be frenetic, loud, and (fortunately) filled with joy. Christmas started early in our house, as Miles woke up at 3 AM and started yelling, "DADDY! I WANNA READ A BOOK, DADDY!" Groaning, I staggered down the hallway to his bedroom and immediately began pleading … Continue reading Year 3, Day 305: Christmas 2020 in Review

Year 3, Day 295

While I was cleaning up after dinner and Miles was (presumably) getting ready for his bath, I was summoned to Miles's bedroom. What I found upon entering was virtually every pillow, blanket, and stuffed doll from Miles's bed strewn across the floor and fashioned into a "sleigh," with Miles himself serving as Santa Claus. reading Year 3, Day 295