Year 4, Day 302

After last year’s COVID-related lockdown, Miles was excited about heading down to Myrtle Beach to spend Christmas with Grammy and Papa. So excited, in fact, that he helped pack his suitcase so we could get out of the house faster.

NOTE: It was not helpful.

As is the norm when living with a toddler, it took far longer to get out of the house than I would’ve liked, but once we were finally on the road we were able to travel relatively free of interruption.

Taco Bell pitstop notwithstanding.

Once we arrived at Grammy and Papa’s, Miles showered with attention from his grandparents, aunt, and uncles. Miles’s attention, however, was of a singular focus for much of the night.

All these centuries later, mankind’s greatest discovery still warms the hearts of budding pyromaniacs everywhere.

The promise of a post-dinner marshmallow roast certainly sweetened things up, of course.

Miles’s aunt and uncle try, futilely, to impart some fire safety advice.

As the night wound down*, Miles turned his efforts to preparing for the impending visit of one Saint Nicholas. Miles decided that, in lieu of writing a letter for Santa, he would leave a couple drawings for him. Jaclyn and I have never seen Miles actually sit down and draw anything that actually resembled…something, and we were absolutely delighted about the finished product.

I see eyes, hair, arms, a belly, a tumor…

With the cookies and milk out, we did our best to shepherd Miles into the bedroom for one of those “long winter’s naps” we’ve heard so much about. While the word “long” can’t possibly be applied to whatever it was we ended up getting, at least we kept Miles in the room and away from premature present snooping!

*As the night wound down for MOST people, NOT Miles, who didn’t go to sleep until around 1 AM.

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