Day 354: Baby’s First Valentine’s Day!

How do parents celebrate Valentine's Day when they want to go out to eat but don't have a babysitter (and also traffic from the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend has made returning home virtually impossible)? You bring the kid to dinner (I mean, we love HIM too, right?)! Following an "accident" at daycare, Miles was dressed … Continue reading Day 354: Baby’s First Valentine’s Day!

Day 248: Baby’s First Halloween!

Tonight, Miles got to experience his first night of Trick or Treating. Dressed once again in full Wicket W. Warrick regalia, Jaclyn carted him up and down our street, teaching him all about the socialized acquisition of chocolate. I can say with 100% certainty that Jaclyn was more excited about Halloween than Miles was, which … Continue reading Day 248: Baby’s First Halloween!