Year 5, Day 302

As usual, Christmas brings with it a return to my boyhood home in Myrtle Beach. Even with a drive that took far longer than it should have (with the inclusion this year of a dog), Miles was all smiles as he walked up to the door of my parents’ house last night.

I was sort of hoping to get a shot of him AND my mother, but it was cold and you take what you can get.

Once inside, Miles very reasonably demanded that Papa read a story to him.

And before bed, he insisted on watching some Bluey with his Uncle Ben.

Ben is clearly thrilled to have us.

Today, Miles had a ton of energy, and who can blame him? Santa’s coming tonight! There were a few times I had to threaten to call Santa and tell him not to bother bringing Miles’s “big” gift…whichever that one is (I figured I’d let Miles’s imagination fill in the blanks on that one)!

The closest we got to a quiet moment.

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