Year 3, Day 305: Christmas 2020 in Review

For a holiday spent in isolation, Miles's third Christmas managed to be frenetic, loud, and (fortunately) filled with joy. Christmas started early in our house, as Miles woke up at 3 AM and started yelling, "DADDY! I WANNA READ A BOOK, DADDY!" Groaning, I staggered down the hallway to his bedroom and immediately began pleading … Continue reading Year 3, Day 305: Christmas 2020 in Review

Year 3, Day 300

After last night descended into madness, we decided that tonight would be cookie decorating night. Using my mother's time-honored sugar cookie recipe, I did the baking while Jaclyn and Miles took care of the frosting and sprinkles. Miles could not wait to get started...eating. And, with Jaclyn's guidance, Miles decorated the cookies with the...magic...and wonder...of... … Continue reading Year 3, Day 300

Year 3, Day 295

While I was cleaning up after dinner and Miles was (presumably) getting ready for his bath, I was summoned to Miles's bedroom. What I found upon entering was virtually every pillow, blanket, and stuffed doll from Miles's bed strewn across the floor and fashioned into a "sleigh," with Miles himself serving as Santa Claus. reading Year 3, Day 295