Year 5, Day 297

My relationship with Christmas lights is a lot like my relationship with bears — I like them a lot, but they are best viewed from a distance and I do not particularly want to deal with them at MY house. I always like taking an evening during the holiday season to simply drive around and look at light displays, something that my family often did when I was growing up that was a nice way to enjoy the Christmas spirit without having to put forth much effort.

That’s not to say that it’s entirely without effort, because convincing Miles to go on this journey certainly took a bit of work. And while he did agree to come with us, our drive to each house was met with the same indignant declaration from the back seat: “I’m not looking at the next house. I don’t want to see any lights.” Of course, by the time we pulled up to the next house, Miles gazed out the window with wonder.

While my face bore an expression more akin to sheer horror.

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