Year 5, Day 289

One of the great achievements of modern society is the normalization of Santa visits at breweries. Maybe not the overwhelmingly obvious choice to past generations, these Sunday brunches have solved the age-old problem of “needing to take the child to visit Santa but also Daddy needs a drink.” Brewers at 4001 Yancey was our destination this morning, their Brunch with Santa promising something for everyone.

As always, Miles was a bit sheepish about meeting Santa at first. And that’s another advantage of events like this — Santa came to the table to see him.

Note the corner of the table. Miles came prepared with an AMAZON CATALOG to show Santa what he wants.

Miles has met Santa every year, and yet there he is always a ball of nervous delight with every encounter. After Santa had given him an elf (which Miles immediately named “Michael”?) and a candy cane, Miles was way more willing to take a family picture.

Miles was so happy about the experience, he ate a huge cheeseburger afterwards without complaining once!

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