Year 4, Day 326

“Daddy, can I ask you something?” Miles said as he was on the cusp of falling asleep.

“Sure, buddy.”

“Can Santa come back to our house? Because I wanted him to leave presents under my tree.” Since we were back at my parents’ house for the holidays, Santa and rerouted all of Miles’s presents to their tree.

“Well, we’ll see,” I replied. “I’m sure he can do that next year.”

“Can we tell him?”

“Well sure,” I said. “We could write him a letter.”

“Well I want to go see him,” Miles said. “Because I never been to Santa’s workshop.”

“I don’t know about that, buddy,” I said, trying to temper expectations. “It’s pretty hard to get there.”

“Well I know how we can get there.”

“Oh really? And how is that?”


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