Year 4, Day 325

An honest to God winter storm was due to hit the Carolinas this weekend, and overnight it managed to dump enough snow on us that everything outside was blanketed in white. I awoke to the sound of Miles’s voice as he peered out through the blinds in our bedroom. “Daddy,” he said, sweet as could be. “If I put that other window up, I’ll make a snowball and then throw it at you.”

It really set the tone for the day, as it was clearly Miles’s sole objective to nail me with a snowball at some point. The weather was lousy enough that we avoided going outside until just before sunset (or as much of a sunset as we got, anyway), but once we did Miles was so captivated that he forgot about any desire he had to inflict violence upon me.


We didn’t stay out too long, but Miles took all the time he could and, literally, ran with it. He here is when I told him it was time to come in:

Selective hearing at its finest.

Still, no denying there’s something magical about watching a child play in the snow when its such a rare weather phenomenon!

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