Year 4, Day 211

Today was Miles's third day of German school, and it's been going extraordinarily well so far. As reported previously, Miles has been over-the-moon enthusiastic about going to a "big kid school." His teachers have said that he understands everything they're saying and follows directions well.* And at pickup each day, Miles emerges from the classroom … Continue reading Year 4, Day 211

Year 4, Day 5: Baby’s First Homework Assignment!

I called Jaclyn after work this evening, and she had some exciting news for me. Miles got his first homework assignment today. By her account, he had come running out of daycare this afternoon holding up a paper and happily exclaiming, "LOOK! I GOT HOMEWORK!" This is the last time I anticipate him reacting to … Continue reading Year 4, Day 5: Baby’s First Homework Assignment!