Year 5, Day 321

We had just left the house this morning when Miles said, as calmly as could be, “Daddy, I’m really mad at Mommy.”

“Why are you mad at Mommy?” I asked.

“Because she forgot to give me a snack.” Truly a cardinal offense.

“Well you can tell her when she comes to your fashion show this afternoon,” I replied, trying to distract him from his grievance.

“What fashion show?”

Miles has gotten to a point where, regardless of how much background knowledge he has about something, he responds to almost anything we say with a progression of “what” questions. Another example might be:

Me: “Miles, it’s time to go brush your teeth.”

Miles: “What brush?”

Me: “You know, the brush you use on your teeth.”

Miles: “What teeth?”

So yes, Miles was fully aware of the fashion show his class was putting on this afternoon, having just spent an entire unit learning about clothing. Heck, I had gotten him a new white shirt just for the occasion. And while I was bummed about not being able to attend, at least Jaclyn was able to be there. She was able to capture a brief video of his turn on the catwalk.

Not sure what he’s saying though.

She also got a shot of him modeling the pants his class made. Looking sharp and ready for the spring season!

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