Year 5, Day 322

Jaclyn had a work event tonight, and while I like our typical family-focused Friday routine, it was pretty cool that this particular event was held at an indoor go-kart track. I wasn’t sure how Miles would respond to the experience. Not that he wouldn’t be enthused about the kart racing — after all, he’s become quite a fan of Mario Kart — but that he’s just too dang small to do it just yet.

Living vicariously through Mommy.

Thankfully, he was perfectly content as a spectator. Of course, the fact that there was an arcade there full of things he could engage with probably didn’t hurt.

Of course.

And in case anyone was left wondering at the end of the evening if he enjoyed himself, Miles closed out the night by pulling his shirt up and walking around smacking his bare belly while calling out, “HEY EVERYBODY! LOOKIT MY BELLY!” I have to wonder what was in that drink he had…

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