Year 5, Day 314

Shuffling through the bundle of papers he brought home from school, Miles excitedly showed Jaclyn and I a picture he had drawn. “Look!” he said, pointing as he explained (mostly to Jaclyn). “That’s you and that’s Daddy and that’s a smiley face and that’s from when you got married!”

The piece in question. The “when we got married” part is the smaller picture behind us, which is a pretty decent facsimile of the wedding portrait in our bedroom.

“Oh, Miles, I love you!” Jaclyn squealed, as Miles beamed.

“That’s amazing!” I said. “What’s going on with my face though?”

Speaking of faces, this evening after everyone was in bed I stumbled on a couple more of Miles’s works and…well…they left quite a different impression.

I was immediately reminded of that kid in The Ring who was compelled to draw those rough, hideous circles over and over.

That one on the right in particular sent a chill down my spine.

I just feel so uneasy looking it in the eyes. Like I’m staring at something that doesn’t want to be stared at.

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