Year 5, Day 349

Despite visiting my workplace on a couple occasions, Miles only possesses a vague understanding of what I do for a living. While we were discussing my work on the way to school, he seemed to question its validity a bit. As I explained that I do, in fact, teach kids, he said…

“Well you don’t work at my school.” Could my work really count for anything otherwise?

He had me there. “Well, you’re right, I don’t work at your school, but–“

“You should work at my school,” he decided.

As I explained that I couldn’t just decide to work at his school, he continued.

“I want you to work in the baby room,” he said. “And change diapers all day.”

“Well,” I scoffed, “I have a lot of experience changing diapers you know. I used to change yours all the time and I think I’m done with that, thank you very much.”

“Well I want you to work in the baby room so you can change more diapers.”

It was then that I realized that Miles didn’t want me to work at his school out of a desire to be closer to me, or even for me impart upon other children some sort of wisdom that he might have enjoyed. No…he wanted me to suffer.

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