Year 5, Day 295: Baby’s First School Performance!

Miles's German school put on their holiday program this morning, and Miles's group, being the youngest, was up first. All they had to do was dance ever so slightly, in time with the song, while waving a paper snowflake around. Seriously, that was all they had to do. After retrieving our child, we returned … Continue reading Year 5, Day 295: Baby’s First School Performance!

Year 2, Day 363

Concerning the blistering annoyance of most children's music, I find that it's seldom the song itself that proves grating, but the frequency with which it's played that truly becomes the point of contention.Case in point: Miles has started frequently requesting "The Farm." "Farm!" he'll yell, usually when he's sitting at his table eating. "Farm!"And just … Continue reading Year 2, Day 363