Year 4, Day 296

Meeting Santa Claus and giving the big guy a piece of your mind is an essential part of growing up (depending on your belief in either Christian holidays or capitalism), and thankfully our friends Jeff and Arianne…er…hosted St. Nick for the second year (Santa’s trying to stay away from big crowds during a pandemic, after all). With Miles approaching his fourth birthday, we’re pretty sure he’s at the point that he’ll start holding onto and carrying memories with him, so a visit with Santa was a critical part of our holiday puzzle.

It wasn’t long after Jeff went to work that Santa showed up, and he had gifts for every little kid in attendance (and a Lego set for Dad as well…SCORE!).

Santa knew that Miles loves PJ Masks

Soon after that, Miles took a seat next to Santa to make his demands. But, as tends to happen when you suddenly find yourself face-to-face with someone famous, Miles forgot just about everything he wanted to say.

He did NOT forget to tell Santa that “Daddy wants Cocomelon,” a running joke of his this holiday season because, as Miles astutely observes, “You HATE Cocomelon, Daddy!”

Fortunately, I was able to remind him of the big-ticket items he wanted and he avoided saying anything too outlandish (ie, anything that couldn’t be acquired by Thursday). Miles gave Santa a big hug before the jolly old elf had to be on his way, which oddly enough happened right before Jeff got home from work… Weird.

Look at those eyes. That’s absolute magic.

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