Year 3, Day 291

Regardless of his supposed immunity to COVID-19, we were understandably nervous about Miles visiting Santa Claus this year. It was a big concern for us, because Miles is so into Christmas this year and is very aware at this point of both who Santa is and what his job is come December 24th (as well as his eating and drinking habits).

Fortunately, my friend Jeff…uh…”called” Santa and…um…”arranged for him to visit.”


Turning their garage into a photo studio, Miles was able to visit the right jolly old elf without fear of exposure to a terrible illness. And because Jeff could…uh…”tell Santa about him beforehand,” Miles even got some personalized treatment, including a new Star Wars book.

Miles was a little quiet while he was in Santa’s presence, clearly starstruck and bashful. When the time came, he even forgot what he wanted to ask Santa to bring him for Christmas (we had to remind him, since he’s definitely been talking about a few things non-stop).

Given how much he’s grown and developed this year, I would’ve hated for Miles to miss out on meeting Santa. I could not be more thankful that we…uh…”know a guy.”

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