Year 2, Day 304

I think it’s safe to say that Miles enjoys Christmas.


With gift exchanges at both Jaclyn’s dad’s house and my parents’ home, he had plenty of time to get accustomed to being showered with gifts. Of course, he had to start his day like his father — by drinking a cuppa joe (or pretending to, at least).


Once the gift opening began in earnest, however, Miles cast aside distractions in favor of placing his focus solely on the seemingly endless wave of wrapped presents.


He took a short break to check out some of his new toys…


…and then it was off to house #2 and another barrage of gifts.

Including the ceremonial Christmas…Stargate?

A seasoned pro by now, Miles took point during this gift exchange, handing out gifts to his family members (occasionally without even needing to be told WHO to give the present to).


Miles still liked the gifts for him the most, though.


The festivities continued today, as we went over to George and Sam’s for brunch and Miles got to see his friend Audrey. Ever the gentleman, he insisted on finding a flower in the yard to present to her.

I think it’s safe to say that this WASN’T one of Audrey’s favorite gifts this holiday season.

Despite Audrey’s lack of interest in the flower, Miles still got a hug in before we left.


It’s hard to look at Christmas as anything other than a win. Unless, of course, you happen to be a guy who, after staying up late to help assemble new toys on Christmas Eve, came to bed to find your space occupied by, oh, a two-year-old, leaving you nothing to sleep on but a crib mattress on the floor.

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