Welcome to the party, pal!

Thanks for stopping by! Being a dad is a unique challenge, the winding path through which is fraught with successes and failures. I’m only three months in right now, and the hand brake on this roller coaster is broken beyond repair.

And you’ll be able to hear (read) all about it on this site! A few words about what prompted it: At some point a week or two into fatherhood, I realized I was taking notes every day about feelings, observations, and random events that had shaped the days since my son was born. Rather than hoard all of these for myself (and in the unlikely event I actually stumble into saying something insightful), I thought it might be better to funnel it all into a blog, one that will, ideally be updated daily from now until the time my son isn’t living here anymore.

That might be a tad ambitious, but seriously, what can you expect to find here? It’ll be a mix of musings, quotes, observations, maybe some product reviews, anecdotes, and the occasional movie or comic review — with the unifying theme that it will all relate to my little bundle of joy and baby poop, the Center of the Known Universe — my son.

Oh, there will also be plenty of pictures. You’re welcome, mom.

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