Day 60 — Avengers: Infinity War

Tonight, Miles had his first babysitter experience so Jaclyn and I could attend an opening night showing of the new Avengers movie.

“You go, dad. I’ll be fine.”

The first difference I noticed in post-baby movie-going was that I actually asked Jaclyn if she was keeping her cell phone on during the movie. The next was a realization I wasn’t really prepared for, since the theater screwed up and ran two trailer programs in front of the feature (meaning that the 7:00 showing of the movie didn’t actually get started until around 7:45). And as fun as it was to see the Solo trailer twice, and the Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer…twice, and the Venom…ugh…twice? So maybe it wasn’t fun, but the point is that I couldn’t help but think, “Well, this is going to cost us.”

The movie itself though? WORTH EVERY PENNY. Miles did great, too!

**SPOILERS, but something that only just occurred to me is that time-manipulation, specifically turning the clock back a few moments, becomes a big plot point in Infinity War. I’m just going to say the trailer faux pas was Thanos’s fault.

What a jerk. You owe me for the babysitter, Mad Titan!

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