Day 61

I’ve mentioned in a couple posts lately that Miles has started getting cranky at sporadic times throughout the evening and night. While both Jaclyn and I have started to discern the subtle differences between the “I’m hungry” cry and the “I’m stinky” cry, tonight we were treated to the pure distillation of his evening crankiness in an emphatic, and prolonged, rendition of Miles’s “I’m tired and I’m done with this shit” cry.

We were having dinner with friends (who themselves have a young child) and, while Miles started the evening quiet enough, his fussiness began to creep in like a storm brewing off the coast of a tranquil beach. By the time 7:30 rolled around, Hurricane Miles had made landfall, and we had no choice but to admit defeat and head home. And yes, he was out before we even made it back to the apartment.

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