Day 78

Miles is definitely learning, at least when it comes to the telltale signs of bedtime.

I mentioned previously the growing distinction of Miles’s cries, and while it’s easy to tell when he’s sleepy, it’s becoming a little less easy for Miles to tell when he’s sleepy. This has yielded the emergence of a new variation on the bedtime cry — the “Waitaminnit…I Don’t Wanna Go to Sleep!” cry.

It happens quickly, as soon as Miles catches wind of the familiar signs that we’re about to put him down for the night. He’s all smiles, even as he’s getting his diaper changed, but then we take his outfit off. He stops squirming, staring at us, waiting for the familiar sleeve of his pajama onesie to touch his arm. Still, even then, he’s suspicious, but docile. (Although tonight, during his post-bath “Splish Splash” routine, he went from dancing and having fun to miserable in an instant with the sudden realization of just what time it was.)

But when we lift him up…that’s when the real wailing begins. “WAIT WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME OH GOD NO,” he seems to plead as we make the short, yet seemingly infinite, walk to his bassinet. Sometimes I’ll cradle him in my arms for a moment (Jaclyn thinks I’m soft, but she knows full-well who’s going to be the “bad cop” in this dynamic down the road*), but this does little to assuage his knowledge of what’s to come. The second his head hits the bed, his face clenches, baby tears (awww!) start flowing, and the shrieking of a thousand desperate souls begins.

Don’t worry. He’s out after like five minutes.

*It’s her.

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