Day 77: Mother’s Day

This was Jaclyn’s first Mother’s Day as a mom (and, importantly, my first Mother’s Day as a dad).

In preparation, I spent about ten minutes looking at cards before I remembered I was supposed to be looking for one that said “wife” on it instead of “mother.” I mean…right? Jaclyn isn’t my mother, and I’m not trying to go all Mike Pence on her. Anyway, once I moved to a different section of the cards, I was faced with a new, fairly unexpected challenge.

Maybe I’m just new to this, but it seemed unreasonably hard to find a card with the word “wife” on it that didn’t also say, “You’re a wonderful mother to our kids.” Kids. With an s. Finding a card that referred to merely one child was a challenge I could not best. What — just having a single child doesn’t make someone “mom” enough to warrant a card? Get outta here…

The return of Dapper Miles!

But I digress. Jaclyn appears to have had a very, very solid first Mother’s Day, with an early morning 5K (I spectated, Miles slept), a swank buffet lunch at 5Church (I could go on and on about all the delicious and bountiful offerings (Crab legs! Filet mignon! A dessert table!), but I’d really like to talk about the flawless bacon…), and (after sweating our asses off — did I mention we walked to the restaurant? Yeah, that was my idea…) a nice family nap with Jaclyn’s “two favorite people” (her words, not mine!).

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