Day 62

Yesterday I talked a little about the growing variety of Miles’s cries. While full-on crying only really happens in one of those three circumstances (for now…), we have noticed that certain situations compel him to voice at least minor distaste in the form of fussing.

The most consistent of these thus far has proven to be stopping the car at red lights. Miles generally raises a stink when being put into his car seat, but this ceases immediately once the car starts moving. But STOP that car? Oh…Miles does not like that.

As soon as his view through the back window becomes static, he begins to kick and call out, as though to say, “Hey! Make the things move again! What are you doing up there?!” I’ve tried to explain to him that it’s actually illegal for me to proceed at the occurrence of a red light, but Miles continues to protest. “Red? I don’t even know what colors are! Your words mean nothing to me! The laws of men mean nothing!”

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