Day 27

Today was a big day for Miles. And me. Maybe just me.

Jaclyn had a hair appointment, and I, armed with our Infantino Baby Carrier, took Miles on an adventure that took us from the Target Pharmacy to Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find. And…that was it. Well, there was also a Wendy’s trip in there.

So maybe that doesn’t seem like such a big adventure, but from a “dad” standpoint, there is something life-affirming about “Baby’s First Comic Shop Trip.” I mean, I thought it was a milestone. Miles slept through it.

The real story here may be the Infantino Carrier itself, which I really got to use for the first time. What a terrific, vital piece of equipment this is. It’s not a terribly souped-up model, but it’s basic, easy to use, and comfortable. I already prefer gadding about town with the baby in this thing to using the stroller.

Of course, give it 10 more pounds and we’ll see if my tune changes.

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