Day 30: A Sort-of Review of Mister Miracle #7

mister_miracle_coverI read the latest issue of DC’s Mister Miracle series tonight, and it hit me like a freight train traveling via Boom Tube.

I won’t spend time getting into the character’s background, but Scott Free is the world’s greatest escape artist, raised in the hellish pits of Apokalips, who later took up the mantle of Mister Miracle. The current run by Tom King and Mitch Gerads is beyond a doubt the comic I look forward to most each month. This issue was particularly relevant to me, however, because it was released just over a week after Miles was born and centers entirely on the birth of Scott’s child.

For a superhero book, this issue (and this has really been the case for the entire series), dwells on the mundane. Scott and his wife, Barda, can’t find parking at the hospital. They wait hours as she dilates. Scott throws possible names out there, and Barda shoots down each one. And then there’s the birth itself — wholly unglamorous and undramatized.

mister_miracle 7

The whole issue was like reliving Miles’s birth. The experience of reading the issue was as authentic as anything I’ve ever encountered in a comic, and the timing is almost enough to make me believe that it was more than a simple coincidence.

I bring all of this up to once again mention just how awe-inspiring the birthing process is. Nothing can match the moment you see your child enter this world for the first time. I truly felt like everything else in the world vanished for that moment, and only me, my wife, and our new baby were all that was left. If I ever feel like I need to remind myself of what it felt like, I know I’ll always have an issue of Mister Miracle to turn to.

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