Day 153: Baby’s First Con!

Today, Jaclyn and I took Miles to Raleigh SuperCon. The event served as Jaclyn’s first-ever convention last year, and as a frequent attendee of such things, I couldn’t wait to also introduce my son to the celebrities, creators, and general people watching that a show like this brings with it.

I’ve often thought about the wonders of having a small child at a convention, knowing that, much like traveling on an airline, a baby can afford all sorts of preferential treatment. This was certainly true at our first stop — meeting the legendary William Shatner. Shatner already had a substantial line when we arrived, but one of the convention volunteers quickly moved us to the “fast lane,” since we were pushing a stroller. Barely five minutes went by before the three of us were basking in the glory of the 87-year-old (!) former starship captain. And here’s what Miles looked like:


I apologized to Mr. Shatner, saying that my son clearly didn’t understand who he was meeting. Shatner got up from his seat and craned his neck to look down into Miles’s stroller.

“I wish I had slept like that last night,” he said.

“Believe me,” I replied, “the only reason he’s sleeping like this now is because he didn’t sleep like this last night either.”

“What’s his name?” Shatner asked.

“Miles,” Jaclyn said.

And then Shatner, in the most Shatneriest way possible, said, “Give Miles my regards.”

We thanked him and walked away, almost immediately turning to each other and stammering, “That was AWESOME.” Our son, blessed by James T. Kirk himself.

The celebrity encounters didn’t end there. We also found our way into the fast lane for a photo op with Dave Bautista. Known for playing Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy, I actually used our encounter to let Bautista know how much Miles liked his performance in Blade Runner 2049.

After visiting the table of one of my favorite modern comic writers, and perhaps still feeling a little disappointed that Miles had missed out on his blessing from Shatner, I took the family over to meet another television legend — Henry Freaking Winkler.

Friends have told me about just how personable Winkler is in real life, and he did not disappoint. As we approached him, he looked directly at Miles. “Hello, new person! I’d touch you, but I’ve been touching a LOT of people.”


Miles’s adventures weren’t just limited to celebrity encounters. He was also reunited with his friend by virtue of parentage and proximity of birthday, Audrey. The two shared “a moment,” although they were likely both simply pondering what each others’ fingers tasted like.


He may have slept through his close-encounter with William Shatner, but Miles still got a chance to bask in the Shat’s glory later in the day when we attended a Q&A session that involved a lengthy anecdote about fermented Swedish fish.

Shatner commands the attention of all, man and child.

Miles then somehow managed to sleep during John Barrowman’s Q&A session, which is good because he probably wasn’t quite ready for it (and not just because he hasn’t been introduced to Doctor Who yet).

Jaclyn and I though…we loved it!

I went into the day expecting Miles (and subsequently Jaclyn) to make it through maybe two hours of the show, and both ended up hanging in there for the entire day. Truly, my pride runneth over at Raleigh SuperCon.

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