Year 5, Day 72

Having made a special bracelet (or “bracelip,” as he calls it) at German school yesterday, Miles was fully prepared for Mother’s Day this year.

“We have to hide it from Mommy!” he declared as I picked him up yesterday.

“Don’t worry, buddy,” I assured him, “I’ll take care of it.”

This morning, Jaclyn gave us the perfect chance to get everything together for her. While she was out attending her annual Running of the Mothers, Miles and I grabbed her gift and filled out her card so we could set them up downstairs. Once again, I let Miles both write in the card and dictate the celebratory message.

The image on the left is what Miles evidently thinks his mother looks like. The item to the left of her is a birthday cake.

Now, of course I got Jaclyn a gift, but I’m pretty sure the bracelet was her favorite of the two.

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