Year 5, Day 71

The loosening of COVID restrictions means the return of one of my favorite holidays: Free Comic Book Day! Miles has attended this event with me before, but I think this is probably the first year he’ll 1) remember it and 2) get excited about it. I went to my regular shop, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, after dropping him off at German school this morning (I wanted to be able to enjoy myself, after all), but promised him a trip to another local shop, Rebel Base, as long as he had a good day at school.

Good news, he did have a good day, so off to Rebel Base we went! He wasn’t particularly keen on waiting in line, but he did find a few items of interest on the way.

“I think I know that guy.”

Miles ended up with WAY more comics than I (or he, probably) expected (and a couple Golden Books the shop had, too), and he was thrilled to open his bag once we got home and dig into his bounty.


I think this might be the year Miles’s excitement about FCBD eclipsed my own. So proud…

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