Year 2, Day 76

Today saw Jaclyn celebrating her second Mother’s Day in a way very similar to her first, albeit with a little twist. As with last year, we started the morning in South Park bright and early for the Mother’s Day 5K. Miles and I worked up a generous appetite watching and cheering from the sidelines.

Miles found plenty of dogs and weird kids to stare at during the wait.

While the day would eventually find us having brunch with friends, Miles woke up with croupy cough once again, necessitating a trip to the doctor. Yes, on Mother’s Day. Not exactly the best part of a Sunday.

Although you’d never know it to look at him.

We finally did make it to brunch, where Miles got to engage in forks and fellowship with his gal pal Frannie.

“Yes, waitress? I’m still waiting on MY crayons?”

That evening, we all went out for ice cream in South End. We kept Miles up past his bedtime, but there were, once again, dogs, so he wasn’t complaining.

Miles also, unsurprisingly, really likes ice cream, so there was definitely limited fussing.

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