Year 5, Day 361

Over the last five years, Miles has come a very long way. From walking, to potty training, to getting his first big boy bed, at this point he’s transformed into a completely different kid. Well, almost. There is one lingering remnant of his younger days…

We’ve often wondered when it would be “the right time” to end Miles’s night-time reliance on pullups. It’s never been a big priority for us, and God knows we haven’t had the energy to tackle any big developmental projects, but we knew that someday Miles would just have to stop peeing in the middle of the night. And so the idea just sat there on the fringes of our consciousness, an endeavor that was perpetually best suited for another day.

As it turns out, we didn’t need to fret about it, because it was a decision Miles was going to make himself. Yesterday he resolved to stop wearing pullups and instead wear underwear to bed. Jaclyn explained the conditions to him — that he was going to have to start trying to pee in the middle of the night (a task that, as the last one to bed every night, fell to me) and eventually start getting out of bed by himself when he needed to go. Ever enthusiastic (and always, ALWAYS overestimating where his current ability levels lie), Miles agreed.

I did make an attempt to get him on the toilet just before I went to sleep tonight, which met with little success (I’m not sure if he peed any, but he damn sure never actually woke up). And of course, when he awoke this morning, he had had a night-time accident. And yet, rather than immediately want to return to pullups tonight, Miles is insisting on giving it another go.

If the worst we have to do is wash his sheets daily, then I’m more than willing to encourage Miles to take the next big step forward.

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