Year 2, Day 294: Baby’s First Real Bed!

We made a big, big change to Miles’s room this weekend as we move ever closer to our three-day, no-holds-barred, do-or-die potty training session. Miles has been released from the nightly confines of his Pack ‘n’ Play and is now sleeping in his own bed (er, well…mattress on the floor).

He’s pretty excited.

Once he realized what was happening, he dove onto the bed and started pretending to go to sleep. In fact, when we were all about to leave the house to go out, Miles became livid when we pulled him from the cushy confines of his new sleeping apparatus.

But how has actual sleeping gone so far? Not too bad! Miles seems more eager to go to bed each night (of course, there’s definitely still a novelty effect at work), and it’s more comfortable for us to snuggle with him a bit as he drifts off. Best of all (and I’m sure this will be a short grace period), Miles doesn’t seem to have realized he can get out of bed whenever he wants just yet. This morning we walked in to find him sitting merrily in bed, just waiting for us.

For a kid who desperately wants to be a grownup, this is clearly a dream come true.

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