Year 2, Day 295

“Did you have a good day?” I asked Miles today as I picked him up from daycare.

“Well,” one of his teachers said, “he had an okay day.”

“Oh boy,” I said. I kneeled down and looked at Miles. “Why only okay?”

Evidently, as one of his classmates sat eating food from a plate, Miles stepped over to her, grabbed the plate, and dumped all the food onto the floor.

“Miles!” I said, shocked by his behavior. “Did you drop your friend’s food on the floor?”

Miles shook his head. It was telling, though, that he did not look into my eyes.

“Miles,” I repeated. “Did you drop food on the floor?”

“No,” he said, still avoiding my gaze.

“That’s not what they’re saying,” I said, nodding to his teachers. “Let me see your eyes–”

At this, Miles tried to change the subject. “Eyes!” he said, pointing at my eyes.

“Your knowledge of anatomy will not help you now,” I replied. “Did you drop food on the floor.”

He looked away, shook his head, and then gave THE most devious grin I think I’ve ever seen from him.

“Ohhhh!” he teachers exclaimed.

I shook my head at him. “Oh kid,” I said. “You are going to get such a talking-to tonight…”

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