Year 5, Day 265

Miles continues to enjoy starting every morning with the Question of the Day upon arriving at school, although his reason for enjoying it has changed a little in the last couple weeks. Where he once proudly and thoughtfully selected the best answer to each day’s question, he now carefully considers which answer is likely to get the biggest laugh.

Take, for example, Monday morning, when the daily question included a picture of a book cover with the simple query, “What do you think this book is about?” Despite the cover clearly showing two man building a house, and despite the two children ahead of him saying, “Building a house,” out loud, when Miles’s turn arrived, he said, “Uh. Building a sculpture mountain.”

“Okay, fine, if that’s the way you want it,” I said, writing his response on an index card and slipping it behind his name tag on the pocket chart.

Then, this morning, the QOTD was “Who uses this tool?” The tool was a hammer, and the options were a construction worker and a nurse.

Miles appears blurry in the corner because he’s laughing his ass off.

Fortunately, his teacher is never far from the entrance in the morning and laughs along with him (and maybe at my exasperated reactions to every one of his ridiculous answers). At least she’s in on the joke. If she wasn’t I think we’d be in for a heck of a parent-teacher conference next month.

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