Year 5, Day 201

Sure, when it comes to getting out of the house in the morning, Miles tends to be pretty disagreeable. But once we pull up at school, any and all misgivings have vanished and he eagerly enters the building and beelines for his classroom. It took very little time for him to become acquainted to the expectations and routine that greet him when he walks into class, but there’s one thing in particular he looks forward to every day.

Once he’s turned in his daily book and placed his bookbag and hat on their hook, Miles turns his attention to the question of the day. He scans cards with the names of his classmates to find his, then listens as I read the question to him. It might be “Do you like apples or bananas?” or “Would you rather sing or dance?” or “”Did you wash your hands today?”

It’s already a part of the morning I also look forward to. I love watching Miles think about his answer, placing his name card in a pocket only after very careful consideration. However small, large, or obvious, it reveals something about him and the way he thinks. There’s something truly delightful about that.

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