Year 5, Day 200

As Miles has consumed more media and started having more complex, intentional conversations with people, he’s started to deepen his well of common phrases and idioms. Recently, when he picked up some of his toys in the living room, he casually tossed one of them out. “Easy peasy,” he said, finishing the tried and true phrase with, “lizard squeezy.”

As soon as I pointed out how ludicrous this sounded, scrunching my nose at the imagery the phrase conjures, Miles completely latched onto it. This is now, perhaps forevermore, the phrase he’ll use when things come naturally to him and the effort exerted in a particular task will be minimal. And he isn’t alone…I have also started employing it in day-to-day interactions. “Easy peasy, lizard squeezy.” And no, I don’t explain it. I think it’s more effective that way.

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