Year 5, Day 75

This is a couple days late, but in addition to attending Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, we also headed down to Fort Mill, SC to visit the annual Strawberry Festival. Full disclosure, I wasn’t sure what we were doing until we got there and I saw vendors, carnival rides, and (yes) a wrestling ring.

Obviously, at the top of my agenda at any crowded outdoor event is “acquire beer,” which sadly proved harder to do than I would’ve liked (it was really crowded). But the most important thing was making sure Miles was happy, and to that end I think the festival delivered.

Among the carnival-style attractions was a mirror funhouse and a jungle-themed obstacle course, the latter of which Miles ran multiple times.

Look at that intensity.

To say this was the moment Miles has waited his whole, short life for is underselling it. When he popped out of that slide at the end, he was more pumped than I’ve ever seen him about anything.

You can’t fake this sort of enthusiasm.

With his remaining ride ticket, Miles opted to take a ride on what I think is safe to call the tallest slide he’s ever been on. Of course he wanted mommy to join him.

Let’s go in for a closer look at that face…

Ah, nothing like the look of terror in a young child’s eyes.

It’s safe to say the Strawberry Festival was a success for Miles. And me? Oh…I got those beers, don’t you worry.

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