Year 4, Day 277

After last night’s false start, we finally gathered as a family to decorate the Christmas tree this evening. A big part of that was having Jaclyn keep Miles’s grubby kid hands off of the more delicate ornaments, but once we got going (ie, dug out the less-breakable stuff), everyone was able to contribute.

As longtime Hallmark Keepsake collectors, we have a bunch of ornaments that make sounds at the push of a button. This is only Miles’s fourth Christmas, and his memories may be a bit spotty when it comes to events from a year ago, but by golly, he remembered the buttons. We started with his Big Bird ornament (acquired two years ago), which plays part of the theme to Sesame Street, and he immediately pressed the button with delight. In fact, he pressed it over and over, prompting me to quickly dig out as many alternatives as possible just to break the monotony.

Eventually, the sounds — rather than the ornaments themselves — became Miles’s sole interest. As I would pull a new ornament from its box, I’d say something like, “Miles, look! It’s BB-8!”

After studying the ornament for a moment, Miles replied, “Do THAT one has a button?” He asked this question about every ornament that went on the tree.

By the end of the night, Miles had completed a quality check on every sound-based ornament, and we had a pretty well-decorated tree to boot!

He also found a couple new friends in the boxes!

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