Year 4, Day 276

I had originally planned on putting the Christmas tree up today, then pulling out all the ornaments so we could decorate it as a family this evening. Instead, I found myself hunting for these things:

The only door we’ve used these on since moving is Miles’s bedroom door (the INSIDE), but certain elements (specifically, a lack of active listening and the acquisition of a massive box of Pirate’s Booty) have required us to once again restrict Miles’s access to certain spaces. I don’t really view it as a step backward — Miles is going to keep testing boundaries (and, yes, keep selectively hearing us) at this stage of his life (at least). I’m hopeful we’ll be able to remove these covers sooner than later, as trust and order is restored to our home.

But realistically, this knob cover is just as likely to end up on the door to my comic book room soon enough.

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