Year 4, Day 265

Convincing Miles to get out the door in the morning is regularly a challenge. Well I’m happy to report that it was pretty easy today!

Getting him in the car was the hard part.

Miles walked briskly towards the car as I opened his door. When I turned to scoop him up, he was gone. I turned my head just in time to see him vanish around the backside of the car.

“Miles!” I called, my annoyance impossible to conceal, “Where are you going?”

I watched as he circled the entire car and started back towards the door to the house. I started following him, trying to redirect him, when I suddenly realized what he was doing.

He stepped up to the door that Jaclyn and shut only moments before and started knocking on it. “Mommy!” he called. “I had a good day at school!”

This kid. Always trying to pull a fast one.

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