Year 4, Day 266

For reasons I’m unsure of, whenever I ask Alexa to play the Paw Patrol theme song, or the PJ Masks theme song, or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song (and on and on), the first song that comes up is inevitably a knock-off and not the actual, original recording.

My assumption is that the goobers out there who have recorded their own versions of these songs have created search parameters that make their songs the first to play when hapless parents (*raises hand*) say the simplest of verbal requests. Like, just saying, “Play PJ Masks,” will queue the cover version, while, “Play the PJ Masks Main Theme from the PJ Masks official soundtrack album by various artists,” is required to actually get what you’re looking for.

Well if these music streaming services think they’re fooling anyone, it can only be the most checked-out or ignorant of parents because it irritates the absolute hell out of me. And if they (or parents) think, “Oh, kids don’t care/know better,” well Miles is also quick to point out when he’s being bamboozled and being fed an inferior product. Last night, when a rando cover of one of his songs came on, Miles said (with all the patience one might expect of a three-year-old), “No! That’s not the one!!!”

Step up your game, Bezos!

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