Year 4, Day 247

Last night, Jaclyn went out to meet a friend, presumably leaving me and Miles to do whatever we wanted for the evening. I should’ve known she had a task for me to complete.

This particular time is was mandatory arts and crafts.

Our job was to construct PJ Masks decorations for the trunk-or-treat event we were attending this evening. Having had absolutely no input in the planning of any of this, I found myself abandoned with a bunch of felt and poster board, no idea what Jaclyn really expected me to do with any of it, and a “helper” who was definitely anything but.

This was one of the tamer instances…

Regardless, by the end of the night I had thrown together something. Having never attended a trunk-or-treat before, I had no idea how “good” any of it was, but if it made Miles (and, importantly, Jaclyn) happy, that’s all that mattered!

Man, I’ve…really come a long way.

Trunk-or-treat was plenty of fun, but before that all three of us headed to Discovery Place, where I quickly learned that seeing an entire family dressed like the PJ Masks is delightful for parent and child alike. But seeing one, isolated 40-something-year-old man wandering around dressed as a PJ Masks character? That’s…different. Suffice to say, I tried to keep up with my family as best I could.

Trying to snatch a floating ball out of (literally) the air.
Real or stuffed, the first thing Miles does with a bear is try to touch it.

The biggest draw for me (and the reason I got separated from my family for several harrowing minutes) is the current Apollo: When We Went to the Moon exhibit, charting mankind’s history with that tide-controlling celestial body. While Miles’s interest varied throughout the exhibit, I was able to get this picture, which all but guarantees he’ll be president one day.

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