Year 4, Day 246: Miles’s Favorite Comic Series!

As a lifelong consumer of comic books, I’ve always been keen on introducing my (at one point) hypothetical child(ren) to the wonders of sequential art. And while it’s true that Miles developed an early interest in some of the more visible comic book heroes (heck, he’s even named after one of them), it wasn’t until this year that a specific series hit and precisely the right moment to become the first series the two of us read together.

Miles is very aware at this point that Wednesdays are “New Comic Book Day,” but some weeks I’ll ask him on the drive to school, “Guess what comes out today???”

“Umm…the new Jonna?” he’ll reply.

Every month, we get to curl up next to each other and delve into the exploits of Jonna, the titular monster fighter in Chris and Laura Samnee’s Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters. Along with her sister Rainbow, Jonna forges across a dystopian landscape in search of their missing father, fighting plenty of monsters (and some people) along the way. Samnee’s always dynamic, expressive art is complimented by vibrant colors and a story that’s just complex enough for a kid Miles’s age to follow (admittedly, without picking up on all the nuances). I frequently ask questions about what’s going on to see if Miles is picking up on it, while also training him to navigate comic art (take a look at the page below for an example of just how much visual fun there is in this book).

There are a ton of comics I’m looking forward to tackling with Miles someday — Bone, Batman Adventures, Owly (he’s already gotten a taste of that last one) — but nothing ever beats the anticipation of a monthly installment of a favorite series. In that regard, I couldn’t have asked for a better book than Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters.

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