Year 4, Day 3: Miles’s Third Birthday – Part 3

Miles enjoyed his third (?!) consecutive day of birthday celebrations today with a tiny soiree involving a select few invitees and what is frankly the most amazing cake I’ve ever seen.

It’s humbling in the sense that I will never be this good at ANYTHING.

The exclusive guest list included Miles’s aunt and uncle…

…and Lisa and Baby Charlotte.

Before you get all “AWWW!” and “Isn’t that CUTE???” just know that Miles stopped feeding her the second after this photo was snapped.

And what began with the ceremonial unwrapping of gifts…

…ended with Miles motoring down the sidewalk dressed as Buzz Lightyear.

After the festivities came to an end, and with the majority of our work behind us, Miles, Jaclyn, and I collapsed in an exhausted heap (which, in all fairness, could’ve also been influenced by all the cake).

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