Year 4, Day 2: Miles’s Third Birthday – Part 2

It’s been over a year now since we last drove to Myrtle Beach to see my parents, and while video chat has helped keep my parents in Miles’s life, we thought that we would make a quick trip down for his birthday. Despite the eight hours of driving it meant for me today, everyone was pretty excited.

Miles was certainly ready!

In an effort to be as safe as possible, we agreed that our time in Myrtle Beach would be limited to two stops, the first of which was a trip to George and Sam’s so Miles could see his friend Audrey.

So they could…plan a bank heist?

After that, it was off to Grammy and Papa’s house. Miles’s reaction was just as expected: excitement followed by mild trepidation.

Once he was inside, Miles made himself comfortable real quick. This was the most responsive and excited Miles has ever been about seeing his grandparents in person, and I know they were excited about it!

He helped Grammy decorate his own birthday cake…

Sprinkles. Well of course.

…and he spent some quality time on the porch with Papa discussing the finer details of bug collection…

…and he…surveyed some flood waters?

Hey, anywhere you can throw some sticks.

Although Miles was good and tired by the time the sun went down, he didn’t want to go home (yeah, DAD wasn’t too crazy about driving home either…). He gave everyone hugs on his way out though, and was joined by Grammy as he returned to his car seat.

“Bye, Grammy!” he said, waving.

“Bye, Miles!” she replied.

And then, Miles offered one last nugget of insight. “Oh by the way, you have poop in your butt.”

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