Year 4, Day 1: Miles’s Third Birthday – Part 1

More than any previous year, Miles is acutely aware that today is his birthday. It is perhaps for this reason that he was absolutely wired all day, rendering Jaclyn’s attempt at working moot. As the day wound down, we decided to attempt soliciting some basic compliance with the promise of a couple birthday presents.

It…didn’t work great. Jaclyn and I still ended up doing most of the toy cleanup as we got ready for bed. But honestly, what were we going to do — NOT let him open a couple birthday presents?

The first gift Miles opened was something he’s been asking for since Grammy and Papa sent him a fiver for Valentine’s Day — a wallet to hold all his money in.

FUN FACT: Miles currently has more money in his wallet than I do.

We also let him open a book, which was — you guessed it! — a ploy to get him to go to bed for reading time (this actually DID work pretty well).

I think that, if this was all Miles’s third birthday was going to be, he would be perfectly happy with it. But there is a LOT more ahead of us this weekend, maybe more than he (or WE) can handle!

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