Year 3, Day 300

After last night descended into madness, we decided that tonight would be cookie decorating night. Using my mother’s time-honored sugar cookie recipe, I did the baking while Jaclyn and Miles took care of the frosting and sprinkles.

Miles could not wait to get started…eating.

And, with Jaclyn’s guidance, Miles decorated the cookies with the…magic…and wonder…of…


Nevertheless, they soldiered on. When it came time to make a cookie that was just for me, Jaclyn called out, “What kind of sprinkles do you want, Daddy?”

“The snowflake ones,” I replied.

“No,” Miles interjected flatly. “You want these ones.” He pointed to the ball sprinkles.

“But…what if I want the snowflake ones?”

“No,” he repeated. “I like these ones, and you like these ones too.”

And that settled that.

Still, there’s no question Miles had fun decorating, although he likely had even more fun enjoying the fruits of his labors.

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